Over the past two decades, Rolling Readers Space Coast has put volunteers into elementary school classrooms to help children improve their reading skills, develop a desire to read and support their personal growth. Reading is the foundation for educational, occupation and personal growth. Three successful programs are operating in Brevard Public Schools for children in prekindergarten through sixth grade: Read Aloud, Tutor/Mentor and Grade Level Reading Intervention. These programs help children learn to read and in turn, improve their chances to complete high school.

Recently Coco Wood and Lynne Rover, program coordinators at Rolling Readers Space Coast, spoke with Brevard Business News about the program. Download the RollingReadersBBN_Article.

Rolling Readers Space Coast is also in need of Volunteers. Call 254-9976 to learn more about how you can help.

In addition, we are seeking Community Partners to help us fulfill our mission. Click here to learn more and get involved.