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1Rolling Readers programs make a positive impact on more than 5,000 at-risk Brevard County elementary school children by encouraging a love of reading. Local business people and dedicated volunteers visit classrooms each week to read aloud, work individually on reading skills, or meet with small groups of children to conduct fun, hands-on activities that reinforce reading.

Strengthening literacy skills benefits a child’s overall educational and personal growth, increasing their likelihood of high school graduation. It also leaves volunteers with a sense of fulfillment, knowing they helped a child in such a profound way. Our unwavering commitment to the Rolling Readers mission depends on volunteers to make it happen. For just an hour a week, you can change the course of a child’s life.

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Lockheed Martin’s S.T.E.M. Book Of The Month

Lockheed Martin’s S.T.E.M. Book Of The Month Read All About It is a S.T.E.M. Related Books Program sponsored by Lockheed Martin. Each Month Rolling Readers highlights a S.T.E.M. book, providing information about the book and its relationship to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Holiday season is upon us and budgets are being stretched. Let’s talk MATH! Have you heard anyone mention “a baker’s dozen” as a measuring tool for putting together your party’s menu items? What exactly does this expression mean and where did it come from? A baker's dozen or long dozen is a collection of thirteen items, usually baked goods such as bread, rolls, and pastries. Research uncovered that this expression goes back in history to 13th Century England where a law was created that severely punished any bakers who short changed their customers by giving them less than they paid for. A lot of transactions were made using weight as the measurement, and basically, the bakers protected themselves from accidentally breaking the law by adding in an extra loaf of bread, for example, to make sure the proper weight for ‘the lot of bread’ (generally a dozen loaves) was met. Our new highlighted book for READ ALL ABOUT IT - STEM is The Baker’s Dozen – written and illustrated by Dan Andreasen. For book reviews, the Brevard County Library link to the book, other holiday books that include math, go to the "Programs" page of this website and select "STEM Book".