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Holiday season is upon us and budgets are being stretched. Let’s talk MATH! Have you heard anyone mention “a baker’s dozen” as a measuring tool for putting together your party’s menu items? What exactly does this expression mean and where did it come from? A baker’s dozen or long dozen is a collection of thirteen items, usually baked goods such as bread, rolls, and pastries. Research uncovered that this expression goes back in history to 13th Century England where a law was created that severely punished any bakers who short changed their customers by giving them less than they paid for. A lot of transactions were made using weight as the measurement, and basically, the bakers protected themselves from accidentally breaking the law by adding in an extra loaf of bread, for example, to make sure the proper weight for ‘the lot of bread’ (generally a dozen loaves) was met. Our new highlighted book for READ ALL ABOUT IT – STEM is The Baker’s Dozen – written and illustrated by Dan Andreasen. This book is a fictional book where a baker makes various treats for his invited guests.  Illustrations are bright and colorful and make the pastries ‘jump’ off of the page. It is a great counting book for children.


GrK (with support) to Gr3

From School Library Journal:

“In this cheery book, a jolly, rotund baker begins his work at 5:00 A.M., taking “great care/to make one cream éclair” and concludes by 7:00 A.M. when “he knows just what it takes/to make twelve small cupcakes.” He can then open his doors to greet a baker’s dozen of eager customers. The star here is the oil paint on gessoed illustration board art, done in charming retro style. The two-line verse for each number appears in a crisp, clear font on a creamy pastel page, while the enthusiastic baker performs his artistry on the other. There is plenty of detail and interesting shading in the pictures to involve the eye, while at the same time the correlation between the numbers and the number of desserts is always obvious. It is refreshing to see someone who so loves and enjoys his work, and while the theme may be a bit contrary to the current campaign against childhood obesity, we all deserve a treat now and then.”

Grace Oliff, Ann Blanche Smith School, Hillsdale, NJ
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From Booklist:

“The icing drips and runs / atop four sticky buns.” With a simple rhyme and clear, mouth-watering illustrations, this counting book is about a plump, exuberant baker in a tall, white hat who makes delicious goods, from 1 éclair to 8 warm strudels and 12 small cupcakes. Then, at the end, 13 eager customers (“a baker’s dozen”) come to buy the treats. In his kitchen with a big stone oven and no electronic tools, the baker “draws doodles / on eight warm strudels” and balances 10 little tortes on his finger. A final double-page spread lays out everything for a final count. The diverse names of the cakes, pastries, and cookies are part of the mix, and preschoolers will find the messy baking play as much fun as the food.”

-Rochman, Hazel


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A couple additional books about snakes:


“Sprinkled throughout with Spanish vocabulary, this book helps children celebrate Christmas with a traditional posada—it’s as easy as uno, dos, tres. Full color. A posada is an important Latino holiday tradition that happens all over the world on each of the nine nights before Christmas. There’s a lot to do every night before the party can begin, and here a little girl guides us through each step from putting out poinsettias to hanging the piñata as she counts to ten in English and Spanish. Young readers can follow along by counting the different items mentioned. An author’s note at the end of the story further explains the origins of the posada. Sprinkled with Spanish vocabulary and filled with lively illustrations this is a posada no one should miss.”— Grade PreK-2 –

Brevard County Public Library link for this book:  Click here to locate this book 


“Incorporating the popular music of 12 Days of Christmas into a Chanukah book, this is perfect for children of any religious orientation.

“On the first night of Chanukah…” begins the familiar tune in a book that sees the wondrous days of Chanukah through the eyes of young child. The child’s family grows bigger and bigger as the holiday gets closer and closer. Each night, one new item or person is added to the celebration-and there is always a present for every child in the room!

The accumulating text makes this book fun to read (and sing!) aloud while the bright and cheerful illustrations allow a young reader to count each object added. Educational and a joy for adults and children, The Eight Nights of Chanukah is a wonderful book for the whole family to share.” – Grade K-2 –

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