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The “snow-birds” as they are referred to, are known to head to Florida immediately when the first snow hits. Normally, their homes in the northern part of the country thaw out as we move from February into March each year, and they start thinking of heading back home before it gets warm here. March, however, tends to be a volatile month for weather, with freak winter storms springing up occasionally, and do we have one now, in 2018! With news headlines like; “Nor-easter causes cancellations and closings…; Nor-easter to dump several of inches of snow…; Nor-easter leaves power outages, downed trees, transit headaches and flood threats in Philly and the Shore…”; winter storm Elsa has been rocking the northern states like crazy these first weeks of March. As a result, we selected a book from the historical fiction genre of children’s books to highlight, with a story based on actual events that occurred in 1856. Entitled, Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie – written by Connie and Peter Roop, and illustrated by Peter E. Hanson, it tells the story of Abbie Burgess, the daughter of the Lighthouse Keeper, who, when her father was unable to get back to the island where the Lighthouse was in time to turn on the lights, kept the lighthouse lights burning on her own during a huge storm that hit the coast of Maine in 1856. A great read for grades 2 – 4.


A Review from Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews

Gr2 to Gr4

Review by Marya Jansen Gruber:

“Abbie’s father, Captain Burgess, has to go and get some much needed supplies for the family, and for the lighthouses that he tends. They need food, oil for the lamps, and medicine for Abbie’s sick mother. Abbie is not happy at the thought of her father leaving the family alone on Matinicus Rock because she is afraid that a storm may blow in, and thus prevent him from returning home. Even more, Abbie worries that if this happens, she will have to take care of the lighthouse lights by herself, and she has never done this before.

As it happens Abbie was right to worry about a storm coming. Matinicus Rock is soon cut off from the mainland by a very fierce winter storm that lasts for a whole four weeks. During this time, Abbie tends the lights despite terrible winds, rain, and enormous waves that seem big and strong enough to wash away all the buildings on the rock.

This tale is based on the true story of Abbie Burgess who lived on Matinicus Rock off the coast of Maine. The authors bring her story to life and show us how brave she and her sisters must have been during those dreadful four weeks. Abbie’s courage must have saved countless ships from being smashed on the rocks.

With an engaging text and warm evocative water color illustrations, this is a wonderful book for early readers.”


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Additional books about storms or related to stormy weather:


“A Caldecott Honor book about a little boy’s curiosity during a summer storm, this story is poetically written by celebrated author Charlotte Zolotow with stunning illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham. This beautifully crafted story is perfect to pull out and enjoy on rainy days and for classroom discussions on weather patterns.” – Grade K-3 –

Brevard County Public Library link for this book:  Click here to locate this book


“This book focuses on Benjamin Franklin’s role as an inventor of whimsical gadgets and practical contraptions, with an emphasis on his experiment of flying a kite during a rainstorm.” – Grade 2-4 –

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