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As our fellow Floridians living in the Panhandle of the state continue to recover from the devastation that Hurricane Michael has wrought, and we think back to our own experiences here along the east coast of Florida with hurricanes Matthew in 2016 and Irma in 2017, we are thankful to the men and women who bravely fly into stormy weather to report on its potential danger so that we have time to secure property and evacuate to safer areas. With rescue and cleanup operations for hurricane Michael underway, we chose to highlight Chris L. Demarest’s book, Hurricane Hunters! Riders on the Storm, as October’s S.T.E.M. book of the month. In this book, the author describes what hurricane hunters do, and what they experience, as they fly into a hurricane. Good for Grades 2-4 and an educational and interesting book to read aloud to children in any grade.


From Booklist – Gr2 to Gr4

“Demarest’s latest picture book explains the work of the large converted cargo planes that fly into hurricanes to collect weather data. Most of the double-page spreads, rendered in bright pastels, show a plane as it goes through the stages of its mission. A few pages depict the preparations on land as people get ready for the hurricane’s approach. The pastels are particularly effective at capturing the look and feel of the powerful winds and swirling water caused by a hurricane at its height. The text is fairly slight, with only a couple of sentences on most pages, but the last two pages offer a fuller, more informative, explanation of the hurricane hunter’s mission. Young aviation fans will appreciate the clear diagram of the layout of a WC-130 Hercules at the front of the book. Obviously topical, this book provides an effective introduction to the most dangerous part of the hurricane warning system.”

Todd Morning – Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

From School Library Journal

“The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (the Hurricane Hunters) flies out of Biloxi, MS, into the hearts of violent storms, compiling essential weather data that ultimately saves human lives. Demarest presents their exploits in an oversized brightly illustrated format, twin to his Hotshots! (S & S, 2003). A brief, dynamic text follows a typical flight into a burgeoning tempest, beginning with a view of a tranquil beach and ending with a completed mission. The contrast between sunlit and storm-ravaged seas is clear, as are the heavy preparations on shore and the destructive force of the squall as it crosses land. the simple language is reinforced by the vigorous pastels, with which open a window into the WC-130 Hercules and the activities of the crew. An extended author’s note provides extra data. Team this crisp, exciting book with Franklyn Branley’s Hurricane Watch (HarperCollins, 1985) and/or Rick Thomas’s Eye of the Storm (Picture Window, 2005) for more meteorology, or pair it with Keith Elliot Greenberg’s more demanding Storm Chaser (Blackbirch, 1997) for a personal look at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) pilot and his experiences.”

Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY – Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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“First hand reports and color photos take middle readers on a wild ride as hurricane hunters set about gathering scientific data by flying into the heart of these powerful storms.”  –Grade 4 to 7-

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“Explains the Step-by-Step Process Of The Hurricane including its strength, speed, the parts of the hurricane, danger zones, evacuation, damages, and Hurricane Hunters.” – Grades 2 to 5 –

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“Introduces early readers to hurricanes by revealing how these powerful storms form, describing what happens during a hurricane, and explaining how they are studied.” – Grades PreK to 3 –

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