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Animals all have different ways of dealing with the cold of winter. Fortunately Florida does not experience the extreme, temperature-related, winter weather other places do. The extreme weather exhibited in this book led us to choose  Wild Horse Winter – written by Tetsuya Honda as our current STEM book to highlight. This book tells the story of a young horse growing up, experiencing winter and a blizzard, for the first time. This book is good for children ages 2-8, and it’s an interesting read for children in any grade.


From Booklist – January 15, 1993

“The Dosanko horses of Japan are an ancient breed with a unique behavior patte when winter blizzards arrive: they bury themselves in the snow to stay warm and protected until the storm abates. Wild Horse Winter focuses on the life of a young Dosanko colt born on the spring prairie, where the weather is pleasant and the food is plentiful. When winter comes and there’s no food to be found, the herd leaves the prairie in search of nourishment. Along the way, the horses encounter a terrible storm and bury themselves in the snowdrifts until it’s safe to continue on their journey. Finally, they reach the sea, where there’s plenty of seaweed for food and long stretches of sand where the young colt can gallop and frolic. The Asian background of the author-artist is evident in the spare and simple text and in the beautifully fluid lines and dramatic, bold colors of the illustrations. The story is quite suspenseful and dramatic and may prove somewhat frightening for the youngest listeners, but it’s a wonderful example of how wild animals instinctively know how in survive under the harshest conditions.”

From School Library Journal – August 1993

Ages 2-8

“The Dosanko horses roam wild on a Japanese island, trying to survive a bleak winter. Honda’s dramatic paintings portray a stark existence and a harshness of weather and environment. The band of animals search for food in the snow, while the text focuses on a colt following his mother. Readers will agonize over their journey and breathe sighs of relief when they reach the sea and find food. Some might consider this story an allegory for life, as the horses pursue a quest and reach their goal. Originally published in Japan, this quiet mood piece could fit into a winter-themed story time, but is better suited to one-on-one sharing.”

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“Someone is walking through the north woods in winter. Readers can see the tracks in each detailed depiction of winter habitat, but they don’t discover the mystery animal until the last pages. On the way, they see frozen wood frogs, a bear in her den with her newborn cubs, sleepy chipmunks, fish and otters swimming under the ice, owl hunting and hare hiding, and many other creatures surviving and even thriving in the cold, snowy winter environment. The artwork in this book is created from intricately cut colored paper with watercolor detailing. Children will enjoy finding the many animals on each page. A glossary defines different types of snow and amazing facts about winter animals.” – Ages 5-6

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Describes how animals face the rigors of winter by hibernating, migrating, storing food, or changing colors to blend with the winter landscape.” – Ages 4-8

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