Help the Children in Brevard County Get the Resources They Need to Develop Fundamental Reading Skills


Your support will give children a healthy appreciation for reading, and the fundamental skills they need to thrive in the classroom, at home, and in our community. Community Partners are critical to the success of our program services, which include volunteer recruitment, training and placement, the purchase of annual gift books for each participating child and teacher, and our ability to engage and support more classrooms and students throughout Brevard County.

Since 1997, with the help of our Community Partners, we have:

  • engaged more than 110,00 students (approximately 5,200 each year)
  • gifted more than 134,000 books to the children of Brevard (for some, it is the first and only book they own)
  • established a presence in approximately 25 elementary schools each  year
  • facilitated more than 250,000 volunteer service hours (approximately 11,500 each year), directly benefiting local students and classrooms

But our kids are still struggling to read at grade level by the third grade, so we need your help to make an even larger and more significant impact!


Partnership Levels:

Platinum Partner $ 5,000 – Sponsor an entire school!
Gold Partner $ 2,500 – Sponsor a grade level!
Silver Partner $ 1,500 – Sponsor a classroom!
Bronze Partner $ 500 – Sponsor student participation
Volunteer – Priceless


Click the button below to download our Community Partner Guide and learn more about how you can participate in our mission and benefit from your involvement at Rolling Readers Space Coast events, on the web, and through our social media outlets. Your tax-deductible donation could change a child’s life for the better. Join Rolling Readers Space Coast today and give our students, their parents, and the amazing and hardworking teachers of Brevard the benefit of our volunteers’ time and attention in our Read Aloud and Tutoring programs!



READY TO BECOME A COMMUNITY PARTNER? Click below to choose your partnership level!

Rolling Readers Space Coast, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit literacy organization. Partnerships are based on a school year.